Crossline was created to give sportsmen, women and children of all shapes and sizes accessibility to a range of high-quality professional products and that mantra has not changed. We have embarked on a major brand extension programme bringing you more sports, more innovation and more high quality professional products. Crossline is your highest quality one stop shop for all your sports requirements at highly competitive prices. Our product range continues to stretch the boundaries thanks to our research and development.

Impact 3600 is dedicated to helping coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts with all of their performance enhancement needs. Our goal has been to provide you with the most cutting-edge training equipment to improve speed, explosiveness and running power. Our products provide explosive movement training to athletes of all sports from beginners to the pro's, with an emphasis on sport-specific performance. Athletes can perform a variety of drills from flexibility to maximum speed, and a wide variety of agility and balance based training. Athletes learn body control and core stabilization which in turn assures the safety of the athletes. All of the training and fitness equipment is very specific to the movements demanded in the sport. The athlete that moves the best is often the most powerful player. Our range is stacked of quality products working to combine all athletic attributes into maximum performance while teaching athletes and coaches to maximize efficiency every step of the way.

Playtrix offers an extensive range of innovative quality educational play teaching resources for childcare centres and schools, teachers and parents. Playtrix will exceed your needs, help you meet all requirements for children of all ages and engender the want to learn. Ours is a quality educational resource company that develops creative minds inspiring individual excellence in our communities. We aim at inspiring educators to motivate development of creative minds achieveing individual excellence. The colorful props encourage children to participate in fun group activities and at the same time inculcates creativity & knowledge not to forget making them more active . The fundamental activities of throwing, catching, jumping, running, balancing & identifying increases individual and group social skills. Our full range of child education special equipment offers complete range, customized design and affordable price.

Brand Saro specializes in producing clothing, miscellaneous gear and bags for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Our motive is to produce the best fitness wear for our consumers in which we can exceed our customers' expectations as well as our own. Our design team offers a wealth of experience in pattern making, style selections, design programs and use of leading fabrics and linings. Saro offers an exclusive design experience & highly qualified design service across a very broad spectrum of products to meet your specific needs.