Badminton Net Tounament Pro Model
Product Description:
6 ply nylon twisted brown netting 19 mm square mesh,white heavy weaved headband 4 cm and brown band at sides & bottom. Eyelets: Four No. Two at each tip corner plastic coated steel cable3.75 mm with both ends crimped.

Options Available :
Product Code : SLS/SN/BTPM-3850
Size : 6.1 M (20FT)X0.76(2.5 FT)
Quantity :
Product Code : SLS/SN/BTPM-3860
Size : 6.7 M (22FT)X0.76(2.5 FT)
Quantity :
Product Code : SLS/SN/BTPM-3870
Size : 7.3 M (24FT)X0.76(2.5 FT)
Quantity :